11th Hour Miracles

May 7, 2016 | 0 comments

Over the last 10 years of experimenting with creating and attracting miracles, I’ve discovered some interesting aspects which I’ll be sharing with you over the next few months.

One is that often they occur very close to a timing deadline, even right at the last minute. I call these ‘11th hour miracles!’ They certainly test one’s trust in knowing that they will manifest if you’ve created the right conditions – what I call in my book, ‘Miracle consciousness’ – and keep all its facets working perfectly.

Here’s my latest example to show you what I mean. Going away for 5 weeks I naturally need to know that my wee rescue dog will be well loved and cared for. As the first step I did all the usual responsible 3-D things. I’d contacted and checked out nigh on a dozen people and kennels, but none were right for her or were unavailable.
Having exhausted all avenues and with seemingly no solution in sight – and as it was reaching the 11th hour timing – I called on my I AM Higher Self power. I did the process outlined in my book The Miracle Effect and handed the situation over to HS to solve!

Later that same day a friend ‘happened’ to pop in for half an hour about something completely different. As she was leaving my dilemma came up in conversation. It turned out that she just ‘happened’ to know a friend of her flatmate did dog-sitting and house-sitting, and who just ‘happened’ to be visiting their home that evening. And you guessed it – my dates just ‘happened’ to fit perfectly into this lovely lady’s schedule of other house/ dog-sits! So now I can go away relaxed knowing my dog is fine.

Cynics may try and dismiss this as lucky coincidences, but when amazing solutions to all kinds of situations occur every time ‘on cue’ or ‘on demand’ as the perfect outcome of using the ‘Miracle Effect process,’ obviously what I call ‘Divine orchestration’ must be at work! This is one of the 4 kinds of miracles I’ve discovered and I’ll be talking more about these in future blogs. I’m so happy and grateful for all the miracles big and small that continually occur now I understand how they work – they add the ‘icing’ on my Heaven on earth cake!!! And it’s my joy to now be able to share the ‘how to’ with others.

I’ve also had other miracles occurring recently and I know that more will without doubt unfold along the way. I’ll be sharing these on my new Public Figure Facebook page so do join me.