4 Kinds of Miracles!

Jun 25, 2016 | 0 comments

We’re all familiar with unexpected or surprise miracles, events that randomly occur to help someone out of a dire situation or even prevent an accident – maybe you’ve experienced one yourself. You hear people saying in amazement – “That was a miracle!” And after a while everyone gets on with their lives, accepting that this kind of occurrence is part of life. And of course it is.

I myself survived a car accident that would normally have been fatal. The first words I heard when people rushed over to help were: “My God, someone’s still alive in there – it’s a miracle!” My understanding is that it’s one’s Soul that intervenes in such circumstances when something happens that’s not in alignment with a person’s life or Soul purpose.

But what if you could attract and manifest miracles ‘on demand’ in any situation when no solution seems possible from our limited 3-D physical perspective? I know from more than ten years of testing and proving that this is indeed possible – and can also be a natural part of life … when you know how! That’s one of the underlying themes of The Miracle Effect which gives you actual ‘how to’s’ and time-tested self-empowerment techniques – Higher Self empowerment that is. These then ensure fail-safe success that usually defies logic! So that’s the second kind of miracle.

The third is what I call Divine Orchestration. You’ll read about several examples of this in my book, but basically it’s when synchronicities, contacts, meetings, sequence of events and the like, occur in your life and circumstances that simply would be impossible to create from one’s personality self. Again these are jaw-droppingly amazing – and incredibly helpful!

And the fourth kind? Divine Intervention. This results in averting something which is not for your highest good or in Divine timing for example. What I have been inspired by my I AM Higher Self to discover is that when you live in alignment with Ancient Wisdom Principles and life-governing Laws, cleared potential blocks and restored your full Divine Power then all of the above can – and will – occur naturally, effortlessly and perfectly!

Wishing you the joy and blessings of regular miracles both big and small.