Affirmation or Decree?

Mar 16, 2017 | 0 comments

Higher Self connection
What is the difference between an affirmation and a decree?

Quite a lot in fact.  A decree is different than an affirmation because a decree leaves no room for doubt, whereas an affirmation or ordinary hopeful statement inherently contains an element of “maybe.”

A decree on the other hand, especially when you invoke your I AM Higher Self, indicates you know, not just believe or hope, that it is already done because you are imprinting it on the Quantum Field as well as in your own consciousness.

That’s why I recommend using decrees in my book and seminars.  They are far more direct and quicker to manifest whereas affirmations have to be done x amount of times frequently every day – a big time waster!

Just a reminder to decree the FINAL outcome you desire or require.  Forget all the intermediary details that may lead to it manifesting – in other words, “Don’t sweat the small stuff!”  Allow your limitless Higher Self to take care of what’s necessary as it knows far better than the human you the best ways to create the perfect outcome.

In case you’ve forgotten how to word it best, the template I suggest is along the lines of:
“By the fully active power of my I AM Higher Self, I decree the Perfect Outcome of …..”