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This evolutionary, double Award-winning guidebook takes you step-by-step in showing you the way to become the most highly effective, happy and successful person possible.

Condensed from my 40+ years of study and testing, thousands of people worldwide just like you have found it life-changing, learning how easy it is to make such success their own.

Now you can do the same!

The Miracle Effect has just been chosen as a  PINNACLE BOOK ACHIEVEMENT AWARD WINNER by the prestigious National Association of Book Entrepreneurs, USA

The MIRACLE EFFECT has this November, just received a 2nd international Award!  It is a BIBA Top Five Finalist in the Best Indie Book Awards for 2017.

Snippets from 5-Star reviews on Amazon from readers in 19 countries …

Sylvia is a down to earth no nonsense lady. Her way of writing is simple yet very effective and yields tremendous results. I and many others consider her the female equivalent of the late Dr Wayne Dyer.   Dr Gail P. (NZ)

Sylvia has a gift to make things simple. Do not be fooled by this apparently plain expression for you’re facing a lifetime’s experiment gathered in wisely chosen words. I am re-reading it and will probably re-read it several times.   (France)

This book is a wonderful read. It is written with heart-felt simplicity encouraging the reader to take those important steps to manifesting the life we so richly deserve. All steps are backed up with helpful exercises and knowledge gained by Sylvia who has road tested them all in her own life. Its pages are well worn already.  I highly recommend this book!  (UK)

I recently finished your book and it was like a light has been turned on. I would consider myself a strong person, not really into self-help books … and I have never read a book more than once.  However, I refer to your book every day.  (NZ)

What will The Miracle Effect’s phenomenal information that you won’t find anywhere else, mean to you in practical terms?

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·         You’ll have at your finger-tips a unique goldmine of fail-safe master teachings

·         Plus innovative tools and bullet-proof strategies that quickly give you the confidence and clarity to:

·         Take charge of your life like never before …

·         Live and express your SuperSelf power and mastery …

·         Enjoy unshakeable inner peace and sense of freedom

·         Tap into previously unknown realms of breath-taking possibilities, even miraculous self-healings …

·         Transform your ordinary treadmill life into the wonderful experience you’ve always longed for – and deserve …

Imagine your relief – no more feelings of “Groundhog Days” for you!

Above all else …

Amidst today’s confusion, false promises, the fluff and hype, you will discover that right here exists a proven, truly transformative body of knowledge like no other … latest scientific insights woven perfectly with ageless Ancient Wisdom Truth Principles.
This exciting modern approach gives you many life-changing strategies that are fully empowering. You know how to transform not just your mental picture of yourself, but your actual personal reality.

You will learn …

The 4 tried ‘n tested all-encompassing steps that show you precisely how to live your wonderful Heaven on Earth life every day!
These take you seamlessly and easily through a stunning shift into miracle-consciousness, so you can …

  • clear obstacles to embodying your highest superpowers
  • know the ageless secrets and laws of manifestation success
  • design and live the life of your dreams using the brilliantly inspired ‘Perfect Diamond of Life’ technique.

Imagine how you’ll feel waking up each day to a great superpowered life! You’ll find you can’t wait to enjoy another day filled with wonder, happy anticipation, peace and profound gratitude.

How good will that be?

Read and Enjoy this full book review.  

Why wait any longer?

Paperback and Ebook published by Hay House Balboa Press now available worldwide on Amazon.
Personalised signed copies available internationally from Sylvia via Paypal payment – international P&P charges apply.

For New Zealand – Personalised signed copies are available direct from Sylvia.
Paperback $25 (+ $5 P&P for 1 or 2 copies).

Special Gift SetThe Miracle Effect plus I Am SuperMe – only $35 (+ $5 P&P)


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