Axiatonal Lines Restoration Process Video

Sep 13, 2016 | 2 comments

Some readers in their enthusiastic feedback of my book The Miracle Effect, have mentioned that trying to do the Axiatonal Lines Self-activation and Grids Restoration process in Chapter 10 while reading it at the same time, is a tad challenging!

So to solve this dilemma I’ve made a short 16-minute video demonstrating the process, which although in diagrammatic and written form may look rather complicated is actually very simple – when you know how!

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity though – it’s long-term and permanent effects of restoring your full Higher Power flow from your I AM Higher Self is enormous. Many people have found this as I have myself, so it’s really well worth learning to do. And in the book I give you a quick maintenance process that only takes seconds each day – once you’ve thoroughly integrated the whole process as described!

Having your dormant Higher Potential Source ‘powered up’ and fully operational gives you effortless and limitless abilities as you will discover for yourself. These include wonderful inspirations, illuminations, ‘downloads’ of understandings, Self-healing ability, guidance, and how you may best serve and fulfil your Soul Purpose and Mission for this lifetime for example.