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Welcome! I’ve been teaching and writing for a long time, and now this space is the place to stay up to date on what’s new. My blog is a fascinating mix, part insights, part Divine wisdom, part sharing—communication with pure heart-based intentions. Do keep coming back for more refreshment. Or better yet, sign up to my Miracle Effect newsletter and be the first to know when a new blog has been posted—plus receive other nuggets of inspiration I only share in email. Again, welcome!

Making Life Easier and More Understandable

What would help to make your everyday life a little easier? More enjoyable? More fulfilling? And answer some of your deep questions? Well, I’ve recently made some short videos of tried ‘n true tips to help improve your life in small but highly effective ways! I’m sure...

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How Your Soul Speaks To You

A true 3-stage story common to countless people focused on their spiritual advancement and evolution with whom I’ve had the privilege to work over the past 35+ years … enjoy! 1. SOUL NIGGLES – Our intuition is the voice of our Soul and our Soul speaks to us in...

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Self-Sabotage – part 3

Continuing with the subconscious mind’s power - another way to tell if you have subconscious sabotaging going on is to look at the areas in your life that aren’t working in the ways you would like. This is especially true if you’ve been consciously working on them...

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Self-Sabotage – part 2

One of the easiest ways to discover you have sabotage programs buried in your subconscious mind is to recall the kinds of negative statements you heard while growing up. For example, some very common ones are around the subject of money – “money is hard to come by;...

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Self-Sabotage – part 1

Do you ever feel frustrated when despite your best efforts, your dreams just don’t become your reality? Chances are that it’s because of the enormous power of your subconscious mind acting as a ‘SILENT SABOTEUR!’ Consider these wise words: “The REALITY is not that you...

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We’re all made up of LIGHT

Both science and spiritual science tells us we’re all made up of LIGHT. However they’re referring to the 2 kinds of light – science means 3-D light of photons and waves, plus solar light to keep life going. Spiritual science is referring to the Supernal Light or the...

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