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The Miracle Effect is a winner!
I strongly recommend this book to others who are searching for a better way to live and the surety that miracles do happen. Like a good cook, all they have to do is follow the recipe with an open mind and heart.

The book uses simple language in a clear, logical layout. This makes it easy for anyone to follow. The diagrams offer the additional clarity of understanding by showing how things work. It offers a sound reference point when required and the reader can only feel thoroughly supported should they choose to apply its inherent wisdom.

The decrees are a great help, and when I applied the Forgiveness Decree, I felt a physical weight lifting from my shoulders. As a result, I have felt a buoyancy of spirit I have not had for years.

The Miracle Effect is awesome. This book is truly a miracle.
Ann Russell – Dip.Tchg; Dip.HSc; ATCL; TEFL (Cambridge); Writer


Four Steps to Living Heaven on Earth Every Day

Everywhere people are asking, I believe miracles are possible, but how do I attract them and live a life of Heaven on Earth every day?
This evolutionary book is the much-needed answer.

Author Sylvia Vowless’ life hasn’t always been wonderful and miracle-filled. Since her humble beginnings she’s overcome many obstacles, fears, and limiting beliefs to make her dreams a reality. Through years of study and testing, she has learned to create a super-charged life, and in this guidebook she shares life-changing principles and powerful techniques to help you do the same.

The Miracle Effect offers a goldmine of innovative spiritual tools and bullet-proof strategies to take control of your life and make miracles a habit, opening up previously unknown realms of breath-taking possibilities for you. Referencing Ancient Wisdom with current scientific insights, as well as A Course in Miracles and writer Dr Wayne Dyer’s philosophy, it offers practical instruction and encouraging true stories of everyday experiences to empower you to live your latent divine potential.

With authority, eloquence and humor, Sylvia takes you on a stunning journey to transform your reality, through four simple yet all-inclusive steps:

  • know who you really are
  • clear obstacles to embodying your highest spiritual power
  • learn secrets and laws of manifestation success
  • design and live the life of your dreams

Sylvia shows that by honoring your divinity and living fearlessly and confidently from your I AM Higher Self, you can learn to manifest your deepest desires with ease and certainty. Follow her unique directions, and be inspired by how she walks her talk to deliver extraordinary teachings that have changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Imagine living your Heaven on Earth as a miracle-magnet!

Sylvia Vowless QSM, spiritual master teacher and inspirational worldwide speaker for over three decades, is an internationally recognized authority on western Ancient Wisdom. Expressed in modern-day terms, it empowers people to transform their lives. In 1996, she established the Melchizedek Academy International – OM Mystery School to share this work.

The MIRACLE EFFECT is available as a paperback and E-book on Amazon

Book front cover

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Book Contents Page


STEP I – Know Who You Really Are

Chapter 1 – The Most Important Moment in Your Life
Chapter 2 – I AM Communication
Chapter 3 – Gifts of Your I AM Higher Self
Chapter 4 – Physically, You Are Vibration and Mind

STEP II – Breakthrough Keys on Your Path to Success

Chapter 5 – KEY #1: Live the Life-Governing Universal Laws
Chapter 6 – KEY #2: Align with the Laws of Manifestation Mastery
Chapter 7 – KEY #3: Change Unwanted Subconscious Mental Programs
Chapter 8 – KEY #4: Examine Fear, Stress, Worry, and Anxiety
Chapter 9 – KEY #5: De-activate Seed Causes and Clear Karmic Debt

STEP III – How to Unlock the Secrets of Your Success

Chapter 10 – Master Secret #1 – Restore Your Divine Power Technique
Chapter 11 – Master Secret #2 – Maintain your Full Power & Energy Flow
Chapter 12 – Master Secret #3 – Focus on Your Perfect Outcome
Chapter 13 – Master Secret #4 – Tool-Box Essentials
Chapter 14 – Success Summary

STEP IV – Design Your Life to Live Heaven on Earth

Chapter 15 – THE Big Question
Chapter 16 – I AM Limitless Love
Chapter 17 – I AM Awesome Abundance
Chapter 18 – I AM Wonderful Wellbeing
Chapter 19 – I AM Successful Fulfillment
Chapter 20 – The Shift


A. My First Major Conscious Miracle
B. Laws of the Mind: The Art of Mind Power and Control Through the 9 Laws of Thought
C. The God Code in Your DNA
D. My Personal Daily Decrees
E. Your Perfect Diamond of Life

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