I’m about to leave on my European-UK ‘Miracle Trip!’

Apr 25, 2016 | 0 comments

Why is this a “MIRACLE TRIP” for me?

Let me explain. Late last year Dr J J Hurtak Skyped to invite me to his highly important We Are The Light seminar in Austria this year, significant because he’s guided to begin the release of the last 10 Keys which are not in the current Keys of Enoch book. Although I felt very drawn, after some 3-D consideration about the cost involved (Business Class is essential with my compromised knee and spine), I decided against it.

However, using the techniques in my book The Miracle Effect, I added that if HS (Higher Self / Holy Spirit) deemed it beneficial for me to go to enhance my service work as well as for my own spiritual benefit, I knew the perfect outcome would occur.

Then I handed it over and let it go – with no more thought or attachment!

World Globe with We Are the Light

Fast forward to early January – passing on a message from Dr Hurtak to my amazing Mystery School graduate who has intuited at certain times before when he could help support me and my service, the subject of the seminar came up. He then said ‘out of the blue’ to send him the Business Class air fare quote and my bank account details – and the rest as they say, is history! I’ve never ever asked for help – miracles always occur when HS deems it necessary. I call them ‘Heaven sent!’

But wait – even more miracles have already manifested since then! I’ll be sharing these on my Facebook page this month so do join me. And no doubt even more miracles than I’m yet aware of will occur … the outcome of living from what I call the frequency level of “miracle consciousness,” something you as a Divine being can do too.

You’ll find my step-by-step process in my latest book The Miracle Effect – have you got your copy yet???