Guided by Holy Spirit

Sep 15, 2017 | 0 comments

Is receiving a message the same as being guided by the Holy Spirit?

Not in my understanding! A message indicates that it’s coming from another entity, eg. someone who has died as in mediumship, or some being of perhaps angelic, extraterrestrial etc origin. Messages are usually fairly general, often deal with your past, or simply offer encouragement. If they ever tell you what to do I suggest you disregard and stop listening immediately! We have the gift of free-will and are here to learn to discern how to use it wisely.

The HOLY SPIRIT on the other hand is within you. It’s your animating Spirit and communicator connecting you consciously with your Higher Self and Soul. Therefore it has access to your personal ‘bigger picture’ and highest overview of why you’re here and what you’ve come to do. It can therefore offer information so you can make informed choices or decisions, and providing you’re free of attachment to a particular outcome, give infallible guidance through showing you the bigger picture when making important life directions.

It NEVER tells you what to do! Although often called the “still small voice within” it’s almost never a voice but rather a profound sense of knowing or an ‘aha.’ How can you learn to ‘hear’ it? Practise asking a question (not a mundane one like what clothes to wear today!) and then quietly be alert to the wonderful sense of knowing to occur, remembering it often comes later.
On occasion the answer will come through recognising it in something you read or in what someone says. The more you practise using this Power – and acting upon it – the easier it becomes to access it.

It’s the most incredible Spiritual Gift we’re each blessed to have!