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Learn the secrets of what shapes your world and decides your success

The Miracle Effect has just been chosen as a  PINNACLE BOOK ACHIEVEMENT AWARD WINNER by the prestigious National Association of Book Entrepreneurs, USA

The MIRACLE EFFECT has this November, just received a 2nd international Award!  It is a BIBA Top Five Finalist in the Best Indie Book Awards for 2017.

Remember – the grave is not your goal;
living your unlimited potential is your true purpose.
It’s time … and here’s how! 

Would you like to …

  • experience your Divine birth-right of health, wealth and contented fulfilment and success every day?
  • be all you’re created to be and enjoy a Heaven on Earth life?
  • learn to live as a miracle magnet and so help others more?

You’re in the right place!
And you don’t need any previous knowledge or training to be successful. You’ll find that The Miracle Effect is a complete guide in itself!

The Miracle Effect has gone global!
Sample of Feedback received from readers in 16 countries …

The Miracle Effect is a winner! A best seller! What gift to mankind! Thank you Sylvia!

Sylvia is a down to earth no nonsense lady who has led seminars and forums for many years with an extremely pure, Divine connection. 

She provides tools and techniques to use daily to aid in the quest of living Heaven on earth, every day.

Her way of writing is simple yet very effective and yields tremendous results. She comes from a calm, centred, well rounded space and is able to get her messages across in a simple, eloquent way. In these respects, I and many others consider her the female equivalent of the late Dr Wayne Dyer.  – Dr Gail P

 This book is truly a miracle – it’s awesome.

I think it’s an incredible book that can help millions of people. And I would be honored to be a part of that effort.  (USA)

Read and Enjoy this full book review.

Book 2, UNLOCK YOUR SOUL CODES –Keys to Happiness, will be available next year.

Meet Sylvia here …….

“There are only two ways to live your life …
one is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle!”

–  Albert Einstein

Book The Miracle Effect

This life-changing, evolutionary Award-winning guidebook is answering people’s questions of “HOW can I live Heaven on Earth and attract miracles?” 
That’s why it’s rapidly becoming a ‘must read’ globally! Feedback including 5-Star reviews on Amazon and confirms that people are ready to take the next step of moving beyond just theory to practical ‘how-to-do-it’ information. And the proof and factual science-backed reasons why the processes, strategies, unique tools and techniques offered to create the life of your dreams, are guaranteed to really work – for everyone.

Paperback and Ebook published by Hay House Balboa Press now available worldwide.
Personalised signed copies available direct from Sylvia – international P&P charges apply.

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For New Zealand – Personalised and signed copies are available direct from Sylvia.
Paperback $25 (+ $5 P&P for 1 or 2 copies).

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What will The Miracle Effect’s phenomenal information that you won’t find anywhere else, mean to you in real terms?

You’ll have at your finger-tips a unique goldmine of fail-safe master teachings –
Plus innovative spiritual tools and bullet-proof strategies that quickly give you the confidence and clarity to:

  • Take charge of your life like never before …
  • Live and express your Divine I AM Higher Self power and mastery …
  • Enjoy unshakeable inner peace and sense of freedom
  • Tap into previously unknown realms of breath-taking possibilities, even miraculous self-healings …
  • Transform your ordinary treadmill life into the wonderful experience you’ve always longed for – and deserve …

Imagine your relief – no more feelings of “Groundhog Days” for you!

You will learn …

The 4 tried ‘n tested all-encompassing steps that show you precisely how to live your Heaven on Earth life every day!
These take you seamlessly and easily through a stunning shift into miracle-consciousness, so you can …

  • know who you really are as a Divine Being in human form
  • clear obstacles to embodying your highest spiritual power
  • know the ageless secrets and laws of manifestation success
  • design and live the life of your dreams using my brilliantly inspired ‘Perfect Diamond of Life’ technique

Imagine how you’ll feel waking up each day to a great life! You’ll find you can’t wait to enjoy another day filled with wonder, happy anticipation, peace and profound gratitude. How good will that be?

And above all else …

Amidst today’s confusion, false promises, the fluff and hype, you will discover that right here exists a proven, truly transformative body of knowledge like no other … latest scientific insights woven perfectly with ageless Ancient Wisdom principles.
This exciting modern approach gives you many life-changing strategies that are fully empowering. You know how to transform not just your mental picture of yourself, but your actual personal reality.
Sylvia’s Miracle Effect evolutionary guidebook and service condensed from her 40+ years of study – and counting – rests on this fail-safe foundation!

Like to find out if Sylvia’s work will benefit you?

Take this short yes/no Quiz …
  1. I’m feeling stuck and not forging ahead
  2. No matter how hard I try I’m still getting lost in old patterns of disappointments – money-health- relationships issues – fears – limited success and satisfaction – low self-esteem and confidence …
  3. I’ve read many books, attended many workshops, tried countless techniques –yet I still don’t know the secrets of successful living
  4. I’m now ready to know exactly how to create my version of a ‘Heaven on earth’ life – and stop striving
  5. I want to be able to identify – and neutralize – what’s in the way or holding me back from activating my enormous unfulfilled potential
  6. I want to stop feeling powerless and enjoy more happiness and contentment
  7. I want to know how to tap into the highest unfailing Source of Power known to humans
  8. I want to expand my service to the Consciousness Shift as a potent agent of change

Any ‘yes’s? If so, you’re in the right place for hands-on benefits not available anywhere else! I’m thrilled to offer these to You.

Learn the secrets of what shapes your world and decides your success


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