How Your Soul Speaks To You

Mar 28, 2018 | 0 comments

A true 3-stage story common to countless people focused on their spiritual advancement and evolution with whom I’ve had the privilege to work over the past 35+ years … enjoy!

1. SOUL NIGGLES – Our intuition is the voice of our Soul and our Soul speaks to us in whispers and niggling feelings. For many this is the start of their spiritual progress, manifesting as a niggling feeling that something that has fleetingly caught your attention just might be of benefit to you, so you find yourself thinking:

One day I must check out … One day I must find out more about … must read a certain book … will find out what the word(s) or concepts of … mean – and so on.

This is your Soul’s first attempt to get your attention!

2. SOUL NUDGES – Most people want to wait until the niggling feelings and whispers turn into shouts. Far better to answer the call of your Soul and take note of the whispers and niggling feelings before they turn into shouts.

Soul nudges is when definite signs appear that are meant to alert you to something that’s important for you to follow up. These might include for example:
Hearing about similar information several times from various sources … you keep running into or coming across references to the same subject or concept … you have a feeling of attraction to particular subject(s) … feel drawn to a certain book, seminar, person … experience a deep sense of resonating with particular words or topics – etc.
Such information is often preparing you for your real Soul Consciousness work when ready.

This is your Soul getting more active and persistent in trying to get your attention!

And yet at first it often doesn’t seem to make sense! Einstein said that our intuitive mind is a sacred gift, our rational mind its faithful servant. Sadly we have created a society that worships the servant and dismisses the gift. Most people wait for things to make perfect sense before they trust the callings of their Soul. But intuition doesn’t work like that. It is tapping into our Higher Mind that accesses the larger plan that our rational mind doesn’t have access to. So, if it doesn’t make perfect linear logical sense, it’s time to put your rational mind into the role of serving that Soul calling with daily action.

3. SOUL GUIDANCE and SOUL PURPOSE – Things are getting serious now because you must at your Soul Consciousness level be ready to accelerate your spiritual evolution. It’s when you begin to become aware that no matter how many interesting books or articles you read, talks or channellings you listen to, or seminars you attend on many subjects, they are based upon other people’s beliefs, opinions, experience, systems or skills.
Sure, you may become a “walking library” or fount of new age, healing or physical information – but you start to realize that something vitally important is still missing.

This is the beginning of your Soul trying to educate you! And if you don’t take action you’re inviting a huge wake-up call, what I call from experience a ‘Cosmic 4x2!’
Not pleasant believe me!

So what’s missing?

Finding a way to discover your true SOUL PATH or SOUL PURPOSE – check in again soon for an explanation of what this means and how to discover yours!