Magical Miracles Happen!

Jul 13, 2016 | 0 comments

I’m AWESTRUCK – miracles by our Higher Selves never cease to amaze me!

This time it’s in a whole new form. Just had this email saying – “… thank you. On my way home from work I was exhausted, stressed, just trying to hold everything together. I sat on the train and noticed a book just lying there. I thought to myself “hmmm perhaps this was meant for me, maybe it’s a sign”. I recently finished it, your “The MIRACLE EFFECT” … it was like a light has been turned on. I would consider myself a strong person, not really into self-help books, I have never read a book more than once, however I refer to your book everyday, and I will continue to do so … You have helped through this next phase/ journey of my life.”

We can only speculate how such a miracle of Divine Orchestration occurs, but I’ve always known that my I AM Higher Self had plans for this book way beyond the norm. Its empowering message is going global already even after only 3 months since publication … will tell you more soon!