My First Major Conscious Miracle

Apr 16, 2016 | miracles | 0 comments

A few years ago, I was travelling from Copenhagen to Arles in France on a Friday to attend a weekend seminar starting at 10 AM the next morning. The flight was due to leave at 7:30 AM to get me into Montpellier, the nearest international airport, where after a couple of hours I’d catch the only direct train to Arles at 2 PM. It would be an easy day’s travel, getting me to the small town of Arles by the afternoon, so I could settle in and be ready and rested for the seminar the next day.

After checking in for the first leg, I noticed the departure time had changed to 8 AM. No problem. But then it was changed to 11 AM. This was cutting my train link a bit close, but it was still possible by a non-direct route. But when I next checked the board expecting to see the Boarding Now sign, to my dismay it had been changed yet again to 7.30 PM. An announcement followed explaining that the aircraft was unfit to fly and they had to wait for some spare parts to be flown in. When I asked the airline representatives how I could get to Arles that day, as no trains or buses ran at night, they could offer no solution except to check with another airline to see if I could at least get to Paris that morning. I found all flights were full, so there was no option but to wait. Having got up at 4 AM for a 6 AM check-in at Copenhagen, it was going to be a long day.

What to do? After a brief time of feeling exasperated and concerned, I soon realized that this was another challenge I’d created to test myself on what I’d been working on and teaching for so many years. So I found a quiet place to sit where, pretending to read, I could meditate and work on creating the space and conditions for a miracle to occur.

First, I clearly defined the outcome I required, that I would be able to start the seminar effortlessly in Arles at 10 the next morning. I had absolutely no idea how this could happen, so I handed it over to my I AM Higher God-Self and its Divine Presence the Holy Spirit within. I also used the helpful affirmation for seemingly impossible situations: God makes a way where there seems no way. I always carry little cards I’ve made of some of the most powerful Divine Names in the Language of Light, so I scanned and quietly chanted them, especially the highest Name of YHWH, as I visualized my desired outcome. Continuously using Divine Name codes creates and
maintains the high vibrations necessary for being in a state of miracle-consciousness.

With a relaxed attitude of certainty, trust and confidence, I consciously “let go and let God” take over—and got out of my own way to create the space for a heaven-sent miracle to occur. So often we sabotage our good intentions by trying too hard, by having doubts or tension that immediately short-circuits the process, or by trying to figure out how something can happen. Whenever I thought about the situation, I immediately returned my full focus on my cards. The psychological principle at work here is that you can only think one thought at a time. This ensures you hold only the highest one.

Arriving at the small, deserted Montpellier airport at around 10 PM, I collected my luggage and then, seeing there was no sign of the expected miracle yet, decided I may as well do the third dimensional thing and find the Information Desk. Surprisingly, not only was a clerk still there but he was helpful and could speak good English. When I asked him if there was any way I could get to Arles that night, he suggested a taxi. But the estimated cost, 200 Euros, approximately $400, made that out of the question.

Hmmm, hurry up eleventh-hour miracle, I thought.

The clerk then told me there might be a train connection the next morning—rather unlikely though because this route and destination are little used, especially on a weekend—and that I could stay overnight at a nearby hotel. Then a lady from the same flight, whom I hadn’t noticed but just happened to be further along the desk talking to another man, said something to him. Understanding English she had overheard our conversation and was offering to take me as far as Nimes where she lived, about an hour’s journey away by car. Nimes is about halfway between Montpellier and Arles, so I thought, ‘Well, that’s at least half a miracle,’ and I gladly accepted.

I must admit as I looked at her I thought, Angels do come in surprising disguises. A middleaged woman, she had long, lanky hair, tattered jeans, and an old sweatshirt with a couple of food stains down the front—not exactly the idealistic picture we have of angels. But an angel indeed she was, with a heart of gold.

Fortunately, Isabella’s English was reasonable, and with my broken French we got along famously as we drove through the rainy night. Then quite suddenly she said, “Have you any Euros on you?” Just for a split second I thought about how here I was in a stranger’s car, trusting she was going where she said she was. I immediately replaced the thought with Holy Spirit’s help, and said yes. I had about 40 Euros on me.

“Well,” she said, “If you’d like to contribute towards the petrol, then I’ll drive you right through to Arles.” Even though I had been expecting a miracle, I could scarcely believe my ears, as that was another good hour’s drive on this miserable night – and another return journey home to Nimes for her.

With great gratitude, I happily accepted and at the petrol station took out my money ready to give Isabella most of it in return for her kindness. She sorted through it, took out one note and gave the rest back, saying that I’d need it for my trip. She had only kept five Euros—around $10. I wanted to give her much more, but she wouldn’t hear of it, bless her.

We arrived in Arles shortly after midnight, having no idea where the hotel was. Finding a bistro bar about to close, Isabella went in and asked how to find the hotel. Once at the location, I pressed the night button and eventually the bleary-eyed manager came down to let me in. I gratefully thanked God and Isabella who drove off into the night for yet another hour’s drive home. Finally, I got to bed around 1 AM, and was at my seminar the next morning, not only on time but well rested and relaxed.

To me this was a true miracle. Not in my wildest imagination could I have come up with the incredible sequence of events, especially the unexpected, generous help from a complete stranger. My outcome was so completely, effortlessly and perfectly fulfilled. Yes, miracles do happen—and you can learn how to allow the miracle working God-Power latent within you to bring them into form.