Second part of the Tri-unity of the SOUL

Oct 28, 2017 | 0 comments

Previously I shared that the lowest part of the SOUL is Nephesh which lives but is not self-aware. Of course we always have traits of it but as we become aware we no longer allow it to govern our lives.

The next part of the Tri-unity of the SOUL is Ruach which is self-aware and aware the self is living. RUACH literally means SPIRIT which comes from the Latin word Spiritus. Spiritus means ‘breath’, that which gives life to a system, the animating force. You could say that Spirit is life itself, and in that sense we’re all spiritual!

RUACH as part of the Soul also has various aspects that give us powers beyond the purely physical. It encompasses mind, thoughts, understanding, reasoning and reflection. These give us the higher abilities to think abstractly, be creative, inspired and so on, things that allow us to use our self-awareness for greater things and the benefit of all life.

Through neuroscience much is known now about how both the conscious and subconscious minds – and thoughts – function but without this understanding we can allow them by default to be our masters rather than the amazing tools they have the potential to be.
Well worth a thought to learn about them???
For example, did you know that the subconscious mind with all its conditioning, beliefs, etc whether useful or otherwise, is in charge 95% of the time? Food for thought methinks!