Self-Sabotage – part 1

Jan 16, 2018 | 0 comments

Do you ever feel frustrated when despite your best efforts, your dreams just don’t become your reality? Chances are that it’s because of the enormous power of your subconscious mind acting as a ‘SILENT SABOTEUR!’ Consider these wise words:
“The REALITY is not that you are weak and dream of becoming strong; poor and dream of becoming rich; alone and dream of having friends; but that you’re already strong, rich, and among friends – yet at times, dream that you’re not.”

I came across these inspiring words some time ago long before I turned my life around by learning HOW to turn my dreams into reality! I’m sure they must have registered in my subconscious. I KNEW from a deep level they spoke the truth and thankfully they supported my change in direction and thinking that followed later. This what the beliefs we’ve recorded in our subconscious mind actually do, whether deliberately accepted or by default!

But the ‘CATCH 22’ is that these subconscious programs and conditionings don’t discern as to whether they’re helpful and supportive to our positive conscious thoughts and actions, or instead block our efforts because they express the opposite to what we’re consciously aiming for or attempting. Can be quite a dilemma! And it’s the reason why some of our best efforts for positive change or results never make it – our ‘SILENT SABOTEUR’ is at work at the unconscious level. So the solution?

Delete all negative or opposing beliefs and replace with their positive opposites! In other words, re-program the subconscious mind which as I mentioned before, actually runs our lives a massive 95% of the time! I’ll give you some info and ways on how to do this over the next few Blogs, so do keep an eye on them!