Self-Sabotage – part 2

Jan 31, 2018 | 0 comments

One of the easiest ways to discover you have sabotage programs buried in your subconscious mind is to recall the kinds of negative statements you heard while growing up. For example, some very common ones are around the subject of money – “money is hard to come by; money doesn’t grow on trees; rich people are never happy; you can’t be spiritual and have money …” and so on.

Guess what? If you have any like these then no doubt any efforts to increase your financial abundance will have little or no success! What can you do? Say aloud any that you remember hearing, feel the charge around it, and then say very firmly ‘CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL’. Repeat if necessary until there’s no emotional charge left.

Then – and this is MOST IMPORTANT – replace them with their opposites that express what you choose to hold as your truth now – state firmly with conviction at least x3. It can be based upon for example, the fact that this is a limitless universe continually creating the reality of whatever you choose to focus on in your thoughts and words. More about how this works next time.