Self-Sabotage – part 3

Feb 11, 2018 | 0 comments

Continuing with the subconscious mind’s power – another way to tell if you have subconscious sabotaging going on is to look at the areas in your life that aren’t working in the ways you would like.

This is especially true if you’ve been consciously working on them with little success! All the great tools and strategies in the world can still be made useless if you have the SILENT SABOTEUR at work! Check regularly what your random or habitual thoughts and words around such areas are saying, because so often they’re based upon the subconscious beliefs and conditionings you still hold. Ask yourself if they’re reinforcing what you DON’T want rather than what you wish for!

As an example – I grew up hearing subtle variations around the belief that money was scarce, there was never enough, etc etc, hardly surprising I guess seeing my first 7 years were spent during WWII in England! These beliefs continued with words like … “That’s so expensive. We can’t afford that!” and so on. I’ve had to do a lot of cancelling around these in more recent times – I explained a technique in my previous Blogs.

This is IMPORTANT because thoughts and words (which express our thoughts) carry the seeds of creative manifesting in them. And they WILL come into the physical world according to your beliefs and subconscious programs which are in alignment with them. It’s now a recognised neuroscientific fact that the power of our mind is the greatest power we have and can be used as our greatest asset and tool – if we know how to use it properly. Don’t forget I’ve outlined the ‘how to’s’ in my book to help you with these challenges. I intend to delete them and live a perfectly miraculous life – how about you?