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Learn the secrets of what shapes your world and decides your success



“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”  –  Lao Tzu

Walk through a door one day and by the time you walk out at the end of the seminar, your life will change forever.

If a dynamic live seminar appeals to you, choose Sylvia’s ‘Become a MIRACLE ME’ program and passion!

If you deeply desire more out of life, spend even just (*)one day with Sylvia and you will come away knowing exactly how to create an abundance of ALL those things you’ve dreamed of that are dear to your heart.

Why settle for less? You CAN have it all …
Limitless Love – Awesome Abundance – Wonderful Wellbeing – Satisfying Success & Fabulous Fulfilment – Stunning Solutions – Serendipitous Support – Marvelous Miracles …

Name it and it’s yours!

‘There are only two ways to live your life … one is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle!’  –  Albert Einstein
Welcome to Sylvia’s world of joyous miracles – and change your life forever!

You will learn:

  • Your true potential through the fullness of your being;
  • Why everything is the way it is – up until now;
  • How you can alter your reality;
  • Exactly what to do to create the life of your dreams;
  • A strong sense of personal power, purpose and passion;
  • Your powerful creative force to design your Heaven on Earth life
  • How to radically upgrade your mindset and personal operating system;
  • Enhanced mental correction and protection tools;
  • How to rewrite the programming that determines your results.

What makes Sylvia’s Higher Self-inspired work stand out?

  • It is totally based upon the time-tested knowledge foundation of Ancient Wisdom blended with modern scientific principles – not people’s beliefs or channelings
  • It offers complete and comprehensive ways to blend your material- physical-emotional-subconscious-mental-psychological levels with your spiritual Self
  • It shares only ground-breaking processes and techniques based upon factual information that have been proven time and again by successful people and luminaries through the centuries.

Presenting a seminar

More reasons why Sylvia’s work will transform your life …

You Will Become Motivated – Her work is unlike most self-empowerment books you read or seminars you attend. Why? Most leave you at the outset feeling motivated and inspired to make personal changes, but this then fades or dissipates. People who discover Sylvia’s work however, find that the inspiration and motivation actually builds over time because your successful results become self-generating.

You Will Become Purpose-Driven -You will come away from her book or seminars with a deeply embedded inner knowledge of your profound ability to direct your own destiny, to create a rewarding, fulfilling and contributory life, to live with purpose and meaning. AND you will end up with practical and proven techniques and processes that anyone can apply to produce the results they desire.

You Will Become Empowered – People all around the world are already benefiting from being exposed to Sylvia’s life changing work through her book and seminars. Now it is your turn to become empowered!

Are you ready to …

  • Manifest your deepest desires- and miracles?
  • Feel the exhilarating joy of self- empowerment as undreamed-of possibilities become your reality?
  • Feel relief and peace of mind as frustrations and struggles ebb away?
  • Feel more purpose? More passion? More fulfilment? More success? More of the real you?
  • Feel the bliss of Sylvia’s step-by-step processes found nowhere else, transforming your ordinary treadmill life into a purpose-filled miraculous adventure?!
Enquire when the next presentation is scheduled, or request one in your area.

* Weekend or Retreat Program – Available on request, her 2-day program takes you into deeper spiritual understandings and gives you more profound esoteric tools.

 “Even just 2 days’ serious practice made the difference!!  No one can believe this Miracle!” 
 – Sharalon Sutherland, Reg.Nurse, PGDipBus, Retirement Village Manager

“Sylvia’s work was cutting edge many years ago and still is now. I highly recommend it to those looking to move beyond physical third-dimensional limitations and wanting to better understand the true nature of our reality.”
David Hrstich, Former Police Inspector, Personnel Trainer

Learn the secrets of what shapes your world and decides your success


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