Third part of the Tri-unity of the SOUL

Nov 7, 2017 | 0 comments

The SOUL is your ‘Body of Consciousness.’ It’s the seat of your Transcendent Awareness, above the conscious thinking process. It vibrates in greater harmony with the Universal Consciousness, the ultimate reality, than your purely physical self can do.

What’s the 3rd part of your Soul? We’ve looked at the two other parts which are of course essential for living in 3-D and are active throughout all your lives. Whether they control you or you control them is your choice, but of course the latter constitutes your Spiritual evolution progress.

The 3rd part is NESHAMAH, the highest aspect of your Tri-Unity Soul. The scope of Neshamah is unlimited and carries the Highest Consciousness connection. It’s in touch with the ‘All that Is’ through the perfect Spark of Pure Love-Light it carries. Neshamah is your Soul’s true identity, the essence of life’s awareness and the Chiah or Spirit of the undiluted Life Force itself.

Your true purpose for repeatedly re-incarnating is ultimately to perfectly integrate the 3 parts of your Soul and restore its full Love. This happens through purifying your Soul so it can re-unite with its higher counterpart the I AM or Higher Self. This process is often called Ascension. How many lifetimes you take is up to you! But now in this expanding consciousness era you can get on a fast-track if you choose – understanding your SOUL CODES is one major step.

Only then can any of us function as perfect expressions of Supreme Universal Consciousness on all planes of existence. The good news is that no matter where you are on your personal ladder of advancement, every step towards Self-Mastery and Self-Actualization moves you forward! I’ve found that knowing the bigger picture hugely impacts on how I live and the choices I make on a daily basis – no more ‘hit and miss’ living for me!

(How and what we’re all here to accomplish is shared in my Mystery School – if you’d like to know more check out my other website )