We’re all made up of LIGHT

Dec 9, 2017 | 0 comments

Both science and spiritual science tells us we’re all made up of LIGHT.

However they’re referring to the 2 kinds of light – science means 3-D light of photons and waves, plus solar light to keep life going. Spiritual science is referring to the Supernal Light or the Limitless Light which is the partner of Universal Love – in my book I call it Love-Light! We’re expressions of this – spiritual beings in human form.

The source of all life is Universal Consciousness which IS unconditional universal love, oneness, and the Higher Love-Light of Spirit which gives us life in the physical – when we die this simply withdraws because there’s nothing else that can animate us.

Research in neuroscience has found that love and oneness are hard-wired in our brains. We ARE love. People who have had NDEs – Near Death Experiences – have merged with universal consciousness experience this and became one with universal love.

Anita Moorjani (who wrote Dying to be Me) left her body and became one with this universal consciousness, puts it this way:
“In my NDE state I realised that the entire universe is composed of universal love, and I am an expression of this. Every atom, molecule, quark and tetraquark is made of love. I can be nothing else, because this is my essence and the nature of the entire universe. … In fact, Universal life-force energy is love and I am composed of Universal energy! … It (love) just is.”