What exactly is the Soul

Oct 10, 2017 | 0 comments

Someone recently asked what and where was the SOUL?
Even though most of us accept we have a Soul, it’s a pretty vague concept for most and rarely do folk have a real explanation! So I thought I’d offer a brief overview of the understanding that makes sense to me. It’s based on my decades of study of Ancient Wisdom, western Qabbalah etc and aligns well with everything else I’ve come across – see what you think.

Your Soul as the lower counterpart or reflection of your I AM Higher Self carries the records of all lives, both the spiritual progress we make and the karma accrued. All mistaken beliefs, non-loving actions, unfinished Soul business and karma de-activates certain sections as it were, dimming the Soul’s original perfect Light. Only by recognising these and applying the Universal Truth Principles that purify your Soul, can you become fully whole again and free to eventually make the return journey home to Source. How many lifetimes this takes is up to us!

I’ve discovered that the quickest way to make the most progress is to learn how to identify what needs attention – Soul codes we encrypted at birth do this. Then using the Universal Principles and Laws, to focus on healing, clearing, completing etc whatever needs to be done so ultimately the Soul is purified back to its original state. It can then re-unite with its Higher counterpart (ascend) and so free us from having to reincarnate again – that is unless we choose to as fully aware Beings who wish to serve humanity just as the Ascended Masters did!