What is the Nature of the SOUL?

Oct 20, 2017 | 1 comment

Studying the western Qabbalah gives a perspective which I find enormously enlightening because it explains so much. It teaches that the Soul is tripartite – meaning it has 3 parts.

One part is the ‘animal soul’ Nephesh, which explains why we share certain characteristics with all animals such as the drive to survive, to procreate, and the ‘fight or flight’ reaction. When this is dominant people live a purely physical life governed by their senses, usually focussing only on material things and ruled by pleasures, bodily appetites, desires, addictions, etc. They often crave power, wealth, control and have no interest in or knowledge of our spiritual nature, and are often self-obsessed and egocentric.

In my understanding we’ve all had a life or lives like that, probably as young Souls at the beginning of our earthly journeying! As we evolve we’re able to step back and not judge folk at this stage, although of course it’s not a good idea to encourage it either. Rather with love and compassion “sow seeds” that point to the fact that there’s more to life than just satisfying the body and emotions, and that helping and thinking of others is more important.

Eventually the realisation that earthly things can’t give deep satisfaction and ongoing fulfilment will begin to dawn and so the second Soul influence can gradually become more active.