What is the Source of LOVE

Nov 30, 2017 | 1 comment

Someone recently asked what is the source of LOVE and it got me thinking. The word LOVE is bandied around such a lot and yet I hadn’t found a rational explanation of what love really is – until now!

And the idea of Love having a source didn’t make sense especially the common religious mis-perceptions. So I’ve been doing some thinking, asking and study around what neuroscience has discovered. It makes sense to me – I’d love to know what YOU think!

The 3 aspects of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS or SPIRIT are unconditional UNIVERSAL LOVE, LIMITLESS LIGHT and ONENESS. And these 3 are what we ARE because we’re expressions of Universal Consciousness. We ARE love. We ARE Light. We are all part of the ONENESS. Isn’t that a cool thought?

And here’s where it gets really interesting! According to neuroscience these are actually hard-wired in our brains – how wonderful is that! People who have had NDEs – Near Death Experiences – literally experienced these 3. In the NDE state they merged with Universal Consciousness and became one with Universal Love, Infinite Light and eternal Oneness.
I’ll give you an amazing quote next time.