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 “I seek to know so I may better serve.”

Lying terrified and trapped in the upside-down car after its skidding and rolling had stopped, the first words I heard from people who rushed to help were: “My God, someone’s still alive in there! It’s a miracle!

This was the first time I fully appreciated the power of ‘miracles.’ Surviving in 1963 what should have been a fatal accident was an amazing life-defining experience. It led me to realizing that I’d been given a second chance to find what I’d come to do in this lifetime.

Looking back I now see that it wasn’t the first time I miraculously survived the odds, like escaping the bombing in London during WWII when a small child, and being rescued from drowning in a canal. Many of us have had unexpected miraculous experiences which are marveled at for a time, and then accepted as part of life – as indeed they are.

Ten years ago however, I discovered it’s possible to attract a miracle as and when required. I’d intellectually accepted that we have latent untapped Divine powers, but up until that time I hadn’t actually put the concept to the test. This time I intuitively found a way to apply tools based upon the knowledge I’d been gaining for 40+ years, to move myself into what I now call a state of ‘miracle consciousness.’ This is the secret that I’m totally dedicated and passionate to share with you.
(You can read about the experience here …)

But that’s not all – what’s even more relevant to everyday life is that by lifting your consciousness this way also results in ANY one being able to totally change their reality and create their own Heaven on Earth life. This is the gift of life that’s just waiting for us to open, and to enjoy living!

For the past 10 years I’ve tested and refined precisely how to do this, while getting better and quicker at attracting miracles in many different situations. This is what I’m delighted to share with you now through my new book The Miracle Effect, a book whose time has come. I also love to share this life-changing knowledge through seminars, talks, blogs, and Facebook.

Apart from more and more people living happier, more productive lives, why else is this concept such a big deal?
Firstly, I don’t just believe – I know that each one of us is born with amazing latent potential just waiting for us to tap into and express. I know this not only because I’m living testament to the way this transforms life on earth, but because we’re Divine beings having a physical experience. And by living our Divinity, we’re contributing significantly to the shift in humanity’s consciousness gaining more momentum worldwide.

Secondly, the more of us who develop these previously undreamed of possibilities, the greater service we can offer to help others make this shift from limitation to living without limits. Then when we’re ready to leave this earthly experience we’ll know we’ve helped to make the world a better place, and made a difference in at least some people’s lives.
We will truly know our lives have mattered.

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Short Bio

I’ve been blessed with a background that’s included 9 previous careers, with becoming an author the tenth! But what’s more important to me now is serving. Some of my life’s highlights so far:

  • I started out as a trained teacher both for school and ballet – this girl was born to teach!
  • This evolved into specializing in ethnic theatre dance and forming an international folkloric performing company. It was for this that I was honored to be awarded a QSM – Queen’s Service Medal – for community contribution.
  • I also trained in public speaking and used it in a corporate position with Qantas international airline.
  • I’ve been a guest speaker at international conferences and events worldwide for over 3 decades, sharing the stage with such well-known authors as Dr Bruce Lipton, and Drs Desiree and J J Hurtak.
  • Through my 45-plus years ongoing Life Quest and study which I’ve successfully ‘test driven’ and taught worldwide for 30 years – and counting – I’m able to share secrets of life’s mysteries and mastery that I’ve uncovered.
  • I’m a living example – as are countless others – to the fail-proof success of living from our I AM Higher Self perspective, just as Dr Wayne Dyer wrote and spoke about. Now The MIRACLE EFFECT takes us to the next DIY step of learning how to use this Love-Light knowledge in practical ways to transform our lives and touch our Souls.
  • I’m humbled to be known as an internationally recognized authority on western Ancient Wisdom blended with today’s scientific insights as a ‘Spiritual Science.’ When this is expressed in modern-day terms it invariably empowers people to transform their lives as it has done for mine.
  • To share this I was guided to establish the ‘OM International Mystery School’ ( * ) in 1996 which is still flourishing and serving –
  • In 2009 I founded ICHEC – International Collaboration for Human Evolution of Consciousness – as a vehicle for organizing New Consciousness Conferences, One-Light Gatherings and workshop tours by visiting international teachers:
    Keynote Speakers have included:
    2014 – Dr James J Hurtak and Dr Desiree Hurtak
    2015 – Dr Bruce Lipton
    2016 – Dr Dragos Bratasanu and Eric Dowsett

( * ) In this context, ‘OM’ stands for the Order of Melchizedek.

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